The journal of Paul M. Watson.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Trinity College

We drove up to Dublin for the INDA 1st Birthday Conference which was interesting (Ian Griffith is a good speaker) but more importantly during the lunch break Brian was kind enough to take me over to Trinity College and show me around it a bit. Trinity College! Most of my life I have heard about this famous place and today I got to see and walk through it. The best bit is how it is still a working college with students dashing about as all us tourists stand with our mouths open staring upwards at the architecture.

We also took the new tram service into the city center which I liked even if the project was way over budget and an underground service would have been better. The tram went along a working canal and lock system as well as over the main river through Dublin. To this African seeing a wide, deep river is a rare thing, especially one running through a city.

I loved the look of the city. So European to me and with more history in a single street than my whole home town of Cape Town.

(Didn't have my camera with me today as we were at the conference. I'll go back some weekend and wander the streets though.)


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