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Thursday, October 27, 2005


I gave the Flock Developer Preview a go the other day and again today. Using it has been difficult as it frequently locks up (on two different systems) and it is quite slow. But from what I have seen it is a useful though hardly revolutionary browser. One problem is that I use BlinkList now and not Flock only supports delicious which seems counter "Web 2.0" to me. It also only supports Flickr which I do use but not everybody does. Blogging services are reasonably well supported and I'd say this is the part of Flock I most liked. Dragging photos in from Flickr was easy as was using the Shelf, a handy idea.

Really though I think the lock-in with Flickr and delicious makes Flock largely pointless. It just becomes a glorified extension then to me. Maybe they are going to support other link and photo sites but if they continue to do it manually, on a site by site basis, then it is still nothing great. If they could create a standard intermediary system between Flock and Link or Photo Site then they would have something interesting on their hands.

One thing I really do like about Flock is the theme. I hope someone makes a standard FireFox theme based on Flock.


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