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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Microsoft Max

Microsoft Max by Paul Watson Microsoft Max is a bit of demo software for WinFX which has the potential to become a real product.

It is a pretty basic demo, slick but basic. What is interesting though is the notion that a single slide in your slide-show can consist of more than one photo.

Check it out above. I have a bunch of photos in my slide-show, 13 in total. But when you play the slide-show you are only shown 4 slides. This is because I have grouped some of the photos together onto one slide.

The grouping is dead easy, no fiddling with resizing, borders, margins and such; just drag photos from one slide to the other or into a new slide (e.g. Cinnamon in the last slide is a photo on its own.)

You can see a screenshot of one of the slides here.

The rest of Max is OK. You can create slide-shows to share with friends but they then need the Max software to view them so the scope is limited.


Blogger Slight Clutter said...

What a neat little piece of software! I like the idea of being able to group photos together on one slide. Thanks for sharing this with us!

3:56 AM


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