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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just On Board or JOB

My voluntary unemployment has come to an end as I started work at TSSG today. I will be working with Brian Delahunty on a very interesting internet-technology project. Can't say a whole lot about it as our one year funding is for a proof-of-concept system which if worthwhile will be spun out into a company.

I have always worked on client or public systems so it is going to be a change and challenge spending a year of my life on what is effectively research. An exciting challenge though as while we have a good idea of what we are going to do, how we do it and the path to it is open. Also never had more than a month for a project so I will get to experience something with lasting impact. Brian is a smart chap too and from what I have experienced today and the last few weeks the rest of the TSSG gang are sharp as tacks.

I will be working remotely for TSSG until my Irish work-permit comes through. At that point I will pack my bags, fly to Ireland and kiss a blarney stone for a couple of years.

Finally I just want to thank Barry Downes and Conor Ryan of TSSG for persevering through the FAS, work-permit and other hassles of bringing in a third-worlder like me. Final, final thanks though go to my mate Brian who kick-started all of this and must have said some damned awfully good lies about me. Thanks my friend.


Blogger Slight Clutter said...

This sounds so exciting, Paul. Congratulations. :)

10:13 PM


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