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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Delete this group

I have held off on commenting on this because it does not deserve a mention but I got so angry earlier today that I just have to vent.

The Delete Me! group on Flickr is the worst group I have yet to see.

The aim of the group is to collect a "safe" of quality photos through commenting and tagging. Members comment "deleteme" or "saveme." When either hits 10 the appropriate action is taken.

Sounds admirable enough but the manner in which the members go about commenting is simply disgusting. Not in all my years on the internet have I read such vile comments. Decent photographs are ripped apart, sometimes with constructive though still vicious zeal but more often than not with one-liners of no redeeming value.

People who have complained about the brutality of the group are told that they shouldn't read the comments. But I love reading comments on Flickr. Most offer wonderful insight into not only the photograph but the person making the comment. Negative aspects of the photograph are dealt with in a constructive and civil manner. I don't pass through the Delete Me! pool to Flickr photographs. I find the Delete Me! laced commentary on photos in my friends' photostreams and elsewhere. Mainly though Flickr is not and never will be a photo critique site. If I want venom laced commentary I go to or

So when I view an interesting photograph and start reading the usually great comments I am gutted by the sprinkling of Delete Me! blades.

The group brings out the worst in people which is something that Flickr normally does the opposite of; bringing out the best in people. Just check out DRP's or Slight Clutter's photostreams to find beautiful odes to life. They don't dodge the rough edges of life but they don't rub it raw so that it bleeds.

Here are a couple of the tamer Delete Me! comments. I can't bring myself to repeat the harsher ones:
yay! look everyone. i got neck! and for your benefit, i have named it "neck" even. maybe you think its boring or uncreative or unarty. But guys, its in BLACK AND WHITE! by kuriakonz

this might mean something to you or your lover. to us it just looks like an accident in photography. by phil h

Those two are from just one photo.

I have been told that the means (vile comments) justify the ends (quality "safe" photographs.) Thankfully, for my belief in a beautiful world, I have seen better results through better means. The Safe photo pool is fine. There are some beautiful photographs in it and some decent ones too. All the really stand out ones though I have seen in other groups and through other means.

Even if the results were extraordinary though I would not want it to come through this haze of vicious verbage that Delete Me! members spout. Flickr is not a photo critique site and Delete Me! is regularily spoiling my Flickr experience. I hope the members remember they are decent folk and go back to enjoying their Flickr experience rather than getting all worked up over besting other Delete Me! member comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amen, Brother!

I hadn't heard of this deleteme! group until I read your blog, and I'd just like you to know that I'm with you all the way!

10:41 PM

Blogger Just Hazard said...

That is ludicrous! I can't believe there is a group like that on flickr. You are completely right to be irate. Flickr is supposed to be a "safe" (lol) place for everyone to submit their work. With only constructive criticisms.

9:02 AM


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