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Monday, August 29, 2005

Radio Gaga

For awhile I thought I was going mad. Sitting before my laptop, reading an email or doing some work, the wireless headphones nestled on their cradle and my music player off I'd begin to hear a faint song. The first time it was a fast dance track that I had just been listening to. I put it down to some strange memory loop or my ears still vibrating from the pounding rhythm. A few days later I heard it again, this time a song I had not played in years. Then again, a song I had never heard before.

I began to worry.

It couldn't be a neighbour; they were all out at work. I checked my house-mates Hi-Fi; completely off. I checked their radio-alarm clock; not even plugged in. I leant close to the speakers of my laptop but nothing came from them. I briefly wondered if fillings in my teeth were picking up radio waves but then remembered I have no fillings.

The songs continued and I came to accept my growing insanity.

Like the voices of the damned I was to be haunted by Milly Vanilly or Hit Me Baby One More Time at inopportune moments. While replying to a distant ex-lover's email on came a Barry Manilow track. How appropriate I thought, maybe the singing voices were benevolent or even helpful. Then came a Maryln Manson track while talking to my mother on the phone; there went the benevolence.

And then just now as I finished listening to some Green Day, properly on my headphones, the phone resting on my shoulders I heard a well known local DJ begin his intro speel. I raised one 'phone to my right ear and there it was, distant, interference galore but quite clearly, the source of my madness.

Those damned wireless headphones.


Blogger Jon Newman said...

Can fillings really detect radio waves? Or is it just another urban myth like the Boogeyman and free lunches?

1:01 PM


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