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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Primi Service

Primi Service by Paul Watson

Primi Piatti is a top-class local restaurant chain. They serve up a fine selection of pasta, pizza and Italian foods. The portions are large and very good quality, the price not so dear. What sets them apart though is their service. It is not just good service, it is service with a difference. You do have a waiter assigned to your table but in one sitting you will be served on and checked on by a handful. Every waiter is a real live wire too, not obnoxious but simply really happy to serve you. The manager has no problem clearing the table for you should he see an empty plate. They wear bright orange workers overalls with "Work is love made visible" or "Work is to become not to acquire" emblazoned on the back.

This evening Carine treated me to a Primi dinner and near the end we ordered chocolate brownies for dessert. A table across from us also ordered them a little before us. About half-way through eating what looked like the mom of the table called over the manager and complained that the brownies were too dry. Now these were good chocolate brownies. Dry, cocoa rich baked goodness with a pool of thick chocolate cream surrounding them. They are meant to be dry and then you drizzle chocolate on them which soaks in and sends shivers through your tongue. Naturally though the manager genuflect, has to agree and whisks them away with a refund. Standard restaurant practice. Carine though calls the manager over and tells him the other customer is a crack pot and that the brownies are bloody brilliant.

This is were the Primi difference comes in. Most managers and waiters I know would have rolled their eyes, sighed heavily and agreed with Carine. They more than likely would have pitched in with extra bitching about the other customer.

The Primi manager though smiled, nodded and said "Well, we might have left her one in the oven a bit longer or some such. You win some, you loose some." No dirtying the difficult customer's image, no bitching, just a ton of respect and deceny that you don't get many places.

Well done Primi, you guys rock.


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