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Monday, August 22, 2005

Judged by cover

some might want to more closely tie their identity with a particular product. Because our identities are often tied up with the products we buy, music we listen to, books we read, it makes sense that some may just want to add a piece of themselves to an official page for a particular product. It's a bit like leaving an offering at a shrine for a particular deity.

Paul talks about this in his Amazon Reviewers post.

It is something we want to achieve with Colib. That sense of "Hello World, I am a White Stripes listening, Ian McEwan reading, Robert Rodriguez watching person" all through looking at their music, book and video collection. It is not by any means the whole of the person but it is an important part of them. It is not simple consumerist fault either. What you read is a good indication of a person. Is it Dan Brown or Ian McEwan, J.K. Rowling or Tolkien, FHM or Science? Same with the movies you watch and the music you listen too.

They don't define you, they are choices made because of who you are.


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