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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Driven to text

Well everything seems to be sorted now., check., check., check. Email for all, check. DNS and MX records all pointing at TextDrive, check.

I have migrated over to TextDrive for all my hosting and email. Hostway did a decent job but it was costing me more than I wanted (every alias cost me an extra wad of cash for instance) and didn't support Ruby or Ruby on Rails. Also the control and configuration options were thin on the ground. I had heard that TextDrive was good, had Ruby on Rails setup as well as MySQL and a bunch more.

To say TextDrive is for geeks is putting it mildly. CGI, FCGI, SSH, SFTP, Apache, VirtualMin, LightPD and more *nix acronyms than I have seen in one place. Now I am a geek but I am a Windows geek so all this *nix data is a bit overwhelming. It took me quite a few frustrating hours just to get a simple Rails app working. I thought I had tried everything including the common Rails errors on TextDrive but it turns out I had Windows line-endings in my dispatch.cgi.

Come again?

So yes, definitely for geeks and nerds.

But the power is awesome. I now have three separate websites complete with email and FTP running off TextDrive. The TextDrive interface is a whole bunch of rough text HTML pages which is offputting at first but after a few hours you realise it lets you do pretty much anything to Apache or email or whatever service, process etc. you need on the server. You can even run CRON jobs. Now I just have to find out what a CRON job is.

Also 50% of my TextDrive fees go towards supporting Ruby on Rails. You can chooes your project to contribute too when you sign up.

The guys over at TextDrive are a wired bunch too. Nerds, hackers and geeks the lot of them. One server is named Gilford, that made me laugh. I am on the Davie server. They are very open about their hosting too. The status blog details all server problems and what they are doing to fix them. No dry corporate guff from Jan, Justin and the others.

So if you want decent hosting with a lot of power then try out TextDrive.

This marks another step away from Windows for me. First Ruby on Rails, now Linux hosting and someday a nice Apple Mac running OSX (which is Unix).


Blogger Slight Clutter said...

I'm sorry, Paul...was this written in Afrikaans? No habla.... ;-)

6:02 AM

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Anonymous Ben Hayes said...

Some shameless linkbuilding going on there I think ;)

I'm thinking of making the move to TextDrive as well. I like the look of RoR, although not actually built anything yet.

I was just a bit concerned about their server up-times - have you found the hosting there to be pretty reliable compared to Hostway?

11:34 AM

Blogger Paul Watson said...

Well they aren't a 99.999% uptime host. But I am happy with them, especially since they moved to the new colo. Davie has not been down in ages.

Best thing to do is check out the status log ( and judge for yourself. some of their servers seem to have more problems than others.

12:51 PM


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