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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 1 by Paul Watson

The IE7 Beta 1 is out (for MSDN subscribers only though your local bittorrent site will have it too).

I can't say it is very pretty. I know it is a beta but IE7 needs all the support it can get.

Feature wise it now has tabs, supports RSS and has a search box (Google, MSN, etc.) So pretty-much catch-up with every other browser out there. Apparently CSS support is improved. The sites I have visited with it seem fine, no rendering problems. It is pretty fast too, faster than FireFox from just my initial testing.

The tabs are done quite differently. The URL bar sits above the tabs while the normal window menu (File, Edit etc.) sits inside each tab. It is a nice idea. What I don't like though is that the toolbars are no longer adjustable. One thing I loved about Internet Explorer 6 over FireFox was that you could really maximise page real-estate by shifting all the toolbars up and next to one another. Now in IE7 you have a big whack of toolbar space up-top and there is not much you can do about it. The dark-grey makes the black text of inactive tabs hard to read too.

The RSS support is nicely done too. If you click an RSS feed it displays it in a formatted style along with some helper text. All very FeedBurner like.

There is also some extra security in the form of an anti-pishing feature and pop-up blocking.

All-in-all this is a catch-up release. Good to see MS updating Internet Explorer but I hope the final release has more than this or FireFox, Safari and the rest will have nothing to worry about.


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