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Thursday, July 14, 2005

Group fun

I am a big fan and user of Flickr, the photo sharing service. I have uploaded over 2014 photos to Flickr, have 715 contacts and my photostream has been viewed 77,342 times. I participate in a number of groups and leave countless comments everyday. I have made many friends, viewed many incredible photographs and learnt a lot thanks to Flickr.

However all is not perfect. One problem I have with the Flickr community are Group invites. There are countless Groups and it is quite a big thing to have an active, growing Group base. The most popular members on Flickr are admins of more Groups than I can count, where they get the time I don't know.

Now a lot of these admins administer their Groups well. They do it politely, quietly and with respect. If they invite you and you say no thanks then they don't invite you again.

But there are many who don't do that. I just got invited to a Spanish Group, a group dedicated to an area in Spain I have never heard of, never mind taken a photo there. The Group rules even state that all comments and Photo Pool submissions must only be of that area.

The admin obviously went into his contact list, selected everyone and invited them. They will probably do it again tomorrow, and the next day and the next until we all give up saying No Thanks and join.

Now as I mentioned I have 715 contacts on Flickr. I get 5 or so new ones everyday. And every single day I get about 15 Group invites. I am finding I am saying No Thanks to 90% of them as they have very little relevance to my photographs, where I am from or who I am.

Half of those invites are repeat invites, Groups I said No Thanks to just yesterday.

A "Ignore Invite from Group XYZ" would be a handy feature for Flickr. Leaving invites unanswered does prevent repeat invites but then you end up with a huge list of ignored invites and that is not a solution.

What I really hope for though are Group admins who go through even a part of your photostream, select a relevant photo and then base their invite on it. e.g.
"Hi Paul,
I have started the Ulcers Are Us group and I noticed your photo of an ulcer medicine bottle. Would you be so kind as to join and add the photo?
Thanks, Bleedin Ulcer."

Every admin who has done an invite like that has been successful with me. Ones who leave a comment on a photo of mine with a link to a Group are welcome too.

So there you go. My too-perfect friend Flickr does have its irritating side.


Blogger Slight Clutter said...

I'm just amazed when I get invites to, not kidding, seven groups by one person in one day. And then the next week? Same seven, same person. Go figure.

By the way, I'm going to start a pre-ulcer group tomorrow. You wanna join? ;)

5:55 AM


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