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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Fancy windows

Quicktime window

This is just a quick gripe about fancy application windows.

You know the type; iTunes, QuickTime, Windows Media Player 10 and so on. They reinvent the wheel to look cool, and cool they do look. But cool they do not play. The QuickTime window shortcomings in particular were recently highlighted when I tried to play a Ruby on Rails video which in native format was taller than the resolution of my wide-screen. The player bar sat somewhere below the edge of my screen, completely unusable. Normally this is easy to fix as you then just grab the top-right handle of the window and drag it smaller. Only there is no top-right, top-left or bottom-left grab-handle on the QuickTime window. The only grab-handle is on the bottom-right which as you have so rightly guessed is off the screen. In QuickTime 6 I then had to visit the View menu and click Half Size before I could do any resizing. QuickTime 7 Preview for Windows goes a small way towards rectifying this in that double-clicking the title-bar fits the player to your screen-size.

The point though is that the window does not function like other windows on my desktop. Bloody annoying.


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