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Friday, July 08, 2005

Completely Varnished, aka Curriculum Vitae

I just had to dredge up long forgotten C.V. writing skills and create a short but "hired yesterday!" document. The last time I did this was 7 years ago when going for an interview with Bluegrass Technologies. In those days the document was long on personal and educational information and short on experience. In this latest incarnation there are a few lines of personal info and zero educational information; I doubt "high school and a 4 month COBOL course" is worth even one sentence.

Having recruited many developers in my years at Bluegrass I have seen everything, from the sublime to the ridiculous. The ridiculous normally hit novel length and can be used as hot-air balloons while the sublime had you arranging a meeting by the end of the first page, the first page of just two. Short was always better. Head of the Chess club back at school? I really did not want to know, at least not until a few months later and you had invited me over for a braai around the pool after a hard week at work.

So having to write one again was strange. I put in what I would want to know were I the hiree and then sat there staring at the 3/3 glyph at the bottom of Word. 3 pages, is that what 8 years of work amounts to? Surely they want to know something about my exploits at school. How about my antique Peruvian stamp collection? My girlfriend is beautiful too and can play the harpsichord, I must mention her.

No, no and no!, I yelled. New email, attach, send. Done, finished, klaar.


Blogger Slight Clutter said...

Please tell me that you mentioned the beautiful, harpsichord-playing girlfriend. That would be grand!

5:50 AM


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